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Get your life in order! You have responsibilities

By |3 October 2016|Belief systems, Life, Self-enquiry|

A perfectly normal human desire is the imagined need for ourselves, or the wish for others such as our partner, to be in control of life, to have/get life in order, to have life go the way you want it. Most of the time this desire makes us believe that we should have a strategy on how we want to live life, that we need to set a plan so we can make money or fulfill any other socially regarded as acceptable role so we can act as a responsible member of society.

​Everything happens for a reason… Truth or spiritual pacifier?

By |23 June 2015|Belief systems, Life, Self-enquiry|

An often heard phrase is “Everything happens for a reason” when you feel a certain event happens to you and you’re trying to explain why this may have happened. Oftentimes it’s followed with an explanation as to why the Universe let this particular thing happen to you and what lessons could be learned from it.

Imported organic versus local non-organic foods

By |1 August 2014|Nutrition|

I went to the local health food shop the other day to get some organic raisins for my little boy. He loves raisins and wouldn’t want to eat his oatmeal in the morning without them. Although I can get Spanish raisins, we chose to buy these organic ones from California because regular grapes are one of the products that are heavily sprayed.