​Atheism and theism; two sides of the same coin

Contrary to popular belief, and surely something that will ruffle some feathers among die-hard atheists, I feel that just like a theist believes in the presence of (a) God, a deity who is the Creator of life and supreme ruler of their lives, an atheist believes too. Because an atheist believes there’s no deity called God. The origins of the word say exactly that ‘without God’. But a negative belief system is also a belief system. In the atheists case the belief there is no God. All belief system sprouts from the brain and are therefore nothing but mind-made thoughts. However the confusion starts we we believe these thoughts to be real. Because it is really hard to recognise and accept that the human brain is simply not equipped to answer a question of such magnitude, let alone in a scientific way. The question is simply too big!

The possibilities to explain life and the existence of everything are infinite. It may not be as black and white as God/no God. For example, what if we are all but mere projections of life in physical form just like the shadows of men on a cave wall lit up by a wood fire? It will never be possible for a shadow to explain its origins for it’s its origins that created it. I feel that these days, more than ever, science is recognising that the more we know, the more we realise we know nothing. Each answer leads to a multitude of new questions which show us we know nothing. The rabbit hole has no end. There will never be a scientific consensus and thus proof of either the presence or absence of something as big as (a) God.

We cannot see what created us. We can only label it with thoughts. And when we do that we set rules within which the belief is allowed to operate. A belief system needs to have clear boundaries which mark what’s allowed to be believed within that particular belief system. Or else there’s trouble in the hood 😉. Theists and atheists alike.

We cannot see what created us in the same way we can’t look inside our own eye balls. In fact, we have never even seen our own faces other than through a method of reflection. And in the same way we can’t see our own creation. We can think we know it but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The origins of the existence of everything will always remain a question with literally an infinite number of options and possibilities which go well beyond the dualistic a/theist way of seeing the universe and its origins. And so all answers humans can come up with come from within the realm of thought/belief.

Atheism and theism, they’re two sides of the same coin with both supporters dancing to the same music all the while trying to convince each other that the music they hear is more real than the other’s.


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