What is true?

People have different opinions. These opinions are purely based on thought and we take these thoughts to carry real value. The opportunity to look within ourselves arises when one starts to believe that his/her own thoughts are worth more than the other person’s. And this creates in itself a double whammy. Because now one is stuck with the belief that their particular mind made story is closer to Truth than the other person’s. See how that doubles up the identification with the false self?

Do you also see how this creates a sense of separation? There are now two truths. And since there can’t be two truths, there’s friction. Which is the pointer that says “Hey, there’s something not working out here.” The sense of dis-ease or un-ease when this happens, happens because two truths cannot be in alignment with Truth. The resistance that is felt is a beautiful invitation to find the underlying, free from story, source.

But the more a story is mentally fueled and enhanced and the more power it gets, the more identification with the story happens. This is a cycle that can only be stopped beyond the ego level as it is the ego itself that created the issue in the first place.

Can I invite you to drop the story, to just drop it? And to realise that there’s no such thing as a better belief, a better idea, a better whatever. Something is just ‘a belief’. Something is just ‘an idea’. No one is better or righter than someone else in the light of Truth.

Knowing this, can you come with me and return to center, to transcend the story and let Life flow?


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