Let’s look at love for a moment

Let’s look at love for a moment. The reason why I would like to have a chat with you about this is because love is ever present in our lives, be it in intimate relationships, friends, family, cats, dogs, our job, you name it. Without a feeling of love we would feel lost and a sense of purpose would be absent. However, how often we don’t feel love. We see it all around us in others, but we feel this emptiness within ourselves, and many times this emptiness makes us feel as if we are not worthy love. So what happens?

We all have our own ideas about what love really is. And with those ideas come a bunch of ways to describe and ultimately define love as we see it. But in this quest we find ourselves bound by our own definitions and the limited tools we use. The love we are so desperately looking for is not the love for/from another (be it a thing, a person, a situation etc.), it’s the discovery of love within ourselves. Not the spiritual Facebook love-yourself nonsense, but the love that arises when we are still and in this stillness find that all is incredibly well. That’s where true love lies. Because it is when we alleviate our minds from defining love that love is felt. Love is not a mental concept that needs to be put in a box of our own created requirements. Love is not what we are being taught by our environment it is supposed to be. Love cannot be defined. Love is an ever loving (no pun intended) presence of gratitude for life as whole, no matter what your mind makes of it. That, my friends, is unconditional universal love. It is the building block of our own very existence and that of everything that has ever been, always is and always will be.

I love you. And sorry, that is not personal 😉


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