The ultimate mindfuck

The source of all human suffering is the non-acceptance of what is, as we label things and situations, as good or bad. Fighting the flow of life believing we can do better than what life offers, means we believe we are separate from life. Like it’s us vs life and what is, needs to be changed when our minds believe it doesn’t fit the picture it sees suitable for us. It needs to be corrected when it attacks the identity we have created for ourselves, and by ourselves. An identity that only exists in our mind.

Have you noticed how all that fighting never works out and leaves you with more worries and fears. How many external circumstances can you juggle with before it drives you nuts? If you feel like you’re at the mercy of external factors, see it as an invitation to realise that it’s only your own personal idea that’s under attack. It’s the belief that there are things in the perceived world that threaten your identity and again, that identity is nothing more than a mental construct based on the thought that who you think you are is real. Isn’t that the ultimate mindfuck?


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