Do you ever feel like you want to disappear?

Do you ever feel like you would want to ‘disappear’? Not in a suicidal way (…) but just vanish for a little while. Get away. Retreat. Switch off? Does that sound familiar? If so, have you ever wondered what it truly is you want to get away from?

This feeling of wanting to vanish arises in everyone sooner or later. And when this feeling shows up  ask yourself “Who or what is it that wants to disappear?” Is it my body? Or is it my mind?

Most likely the answer will be ‘my mind’ because it is the continuous mind chatter and our believe systems that drive us crazy and make us feel ‘out of place’. That wish to vanish is the perfect opportunity to start the journey into yourself, into these belief system, and into the voice inside your head that labels everything and therefore always creates a dualistic (i.e. good vs bad, ugly vs beautiful) scenario resulting in a never ending stream of judgments about yourself, and others.

The opportunity that arises from the recognition of judgements and labels allows for a process called self-enquiry. As you start walking the path of self-enquiry you’ll find that there’s no reason to physically vanish or lock yourself away from the world for a while, as the freedom you’ve been looking from comes with inner space and stillness. Ultimately self-enquiry creates an immense and true freedom as the identification with the mind begins to dissolve and you come to realise that what you have always identified with, isn’t the real you. And the idea of the ‘need to vanish’ is nothing more than liberating yourself from this mind (made) identification. All that then remains is love. Love for what is. Free of judgment, free of fear, free of worries. Just love.


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