What the health

Recently a documentary called “What The Health” was released. As some of my friends highly recommended it, I started watching it. Unfortunately (after having seen pretty much all health related documentaries that have come out since 15 years) it didn’t take long for me to find out that this one carries an agenda and omitted to truly look at what is best for our health in the process.

I am a big proponent of unbiased nutritional advice and I don’t think we are doing our health a favour if we try to skew facts to fit an agenda which ultimately will not only create more confusion but which also leave us sicker.

Robb Wolff wrote an excellent review of this latest documentary in a series of health biased documentaries. It’s a long read but it shows where the advice given in What the Health is disputable and at times simply wrong when it comes to nutritional science. Read it at https://robbwolf.com/2017/07/03/what-the-health-a-wolfs-eye-review/. His article is chock-full of links to nutritional studies. Another great site to find unbiased nutritional advice with heaps of links to studies is that of Dr Mark Hyman who delivers easy to digest (no pun intended…) nutritional advice that will help you find the truth behind certain fads and conflicting information.

p.s. and spoiler alert: the documentary has a vegan agenda. I fully support the ethical side of veganism and believe that not only should we drastically reduce our meat, fish and other animal food intake if we wish to keep our environment healthy, we should also be aware of the terrible quality of factory farmed meat, fish, eggs and dairy and the negative health effects it has on us not to mention the terrible life animals endure for the sake of our dietary wishes. If you do wish to eat animal products, please choose carefully. Choose organic meats, wild fish and organic eggs, and best to keep dairy intake to a minimum. Also greatly reduce your consumption of animal foods. We don’t need meat every day for every meal. Eat veggies, and eat heaps of them!


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