Riso Hudson QUEST Enneagram Self Test

Welcome to the Riso Hudson QUEST, the QUick Enneagram Sorting Test as you will find it in their book The Wisdom Of The Enneagram. This test will help you narrow down the possibilities for your type with about 70% accuracy. At least you will be able to identify the top two or three possibilities of your type.

How does it work?

  1. Weigh the paragraphs in each Section from 3 to 1, with “3” being the one that best reflects your general attitudes and behaviors, as you’ve been most of your life, and “1” reflecting your behavior least.
  2. Once you have given a number to a certain statement, you cannot give the same number/value to another statement within the same section. Eg. You have given Statement A a value of 3, now Statement B and C cannot be valued at 3 anymore. If you then give Statement B a value of 1, then Statement C can only be valued at 2. The same applies to section 2.
  3. You don’t have to agree completely with every word or statement in the paragraph you select! Do not reject a paragraph because of a single word or phrase. Look at the overall picture.
  4. Do not over-analyze your choices. Select the paragraph that your gut feeling says is the right one for you, even though you may not agree 100%.

Once you have submitted your results I will have a look at them and get back to you.